Register name

Aurora Exchange Oy customer register

Usage purpose for the register

The maintenance of customer information, to grant credits, customer identification, billing, to maintain customer relationship and for product development.

Register holder

Aurora Exchange Oy
Bulevardi 14, 00120 Helsinki
+358 2 4809070

Register administrator

Jarno Piironen


Information content of the register

-Information regarding credit rates and customer identification: Name, address, social security number, hometown, occupation, employment information, bank contact information, marital status, the number of children living in the same address, housing information, information provided by the customer and information gathered with the customers permission of incomes and expenses, average balance- and cashflow information.

-Contact information: E-mail address, phone carrier information (information provided when the customer is in contact with us), direct marketing permission- or injunction.

-Information regarding credit lending, billing and collection: loan requests- and offers, payment schedules, customer account balance information and actions, payment delays and disruptions, collection transfers, sales of debts and returned funds.

-Information regarding customer relationship maintenance and/or marketing, that was provided by the customer

Information regarding loans will be retained for a maximum of 5 years, after the debt is paid out. Information gathered during the evaluation of credit rate will be retained for a maximum of 1 year after the time the loan has expired. After that the information will be cleaned for statistical purpose in a way that the person cannot be related to the information.

To fulfil the duties obligated by the law regarding resolving and preventing money laundry and terrorism the information is retained according to the applicable law without interference.

Information source of the register

The register consists of persons and organisations, that have transacted with Aurora Exchange Oy. The register can be consisted also with public or otherwise openly receivable sources.

Information gathered to the register

-From the customers

-From the national number database

-From Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and Bisnode Finland Oy

-From the Population Register Centre

-From banks, with the customers permission via Instantor Ab

-From registry maintained by the authorities, within the boundaries given by the law

Regulation accurate information hand out and transfer of information outside of  the EU and the European economic area

The information provided above are handed out only assigned by the register holder from billing, customer service, credit administration and companies responsible for the collection, who are committed to keep all customer information confidential, and for the authorities if needed.

The registered information about loans and their maintenance can be handed out to other creditors or to a register maintained by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and/or Bisnode Finland Oy according to the agreement that has been made between Aurora Exchange Oy and the customer.

Information in the registry are not retained outside of the EU and the European economic area.


Information from the registry is not handed over to third parties for marketing purposes. Aurora Exchange Oy can use the information in the registry for its own direct advertising, distant sales and other direct marketing (including electronic means of communication)

Revision of the information

The registered user has a right to review the information saved in the registry regarding his or her personal information (22.4.1999/523, 26§) and to have a copy of them. The revision can be done for free once a year.

Right to injunction

The registered user has the right to deny the register holder of using the information for direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing. The registered user can declare injunction- and correction requests to the register administrator or register holder.

Retention of information

The register is in electronic form in the data base. Devices are used by the register holder and its IT-service provider. The system is protected with sufficient technical measures.

Access rights

The registry is used by people working for Aurora Exchange Oy or a person/organisation assigned by Aurora Exchange Oy. Every person and organisation handling the information are bound to keep the information confidential. Access to the system is protected with sufficient technical measures.