In Finland we have this thing called "reilu meininki” *

The two founders Harry Nyroos and Mikko Ypyä noticed a curious thing in the consumer credit market: banks were charging high interest rates from borrowers without great customer service and still the interest rates earned by investors were very low. There was no possibility investing directly into consumer credit without getting profits wiped away from the top. Something had to change.

The best solution was to found an own financing company which provides better terms to all customers. The economy only grows if people are borrowing and investing.

Aurora Exchange provides a better access to money for those who need it and gives a new way to invest and earn more. Now not only the banks but everyone can directly invest in consumer credits through an exchange. This is a real innovation.

Full transparency was the key principle for the founders and being fair to both those who need money and those who invest, and naturally a high-quality credit rating system.

The duo wanted that the exchange allows both borrowers and lenders to be able to propose their own terms for the loan. They gathered a team which had the desire to make things better and a deep knowledge in finance, insurance, marketing and technology.

This is what Finnish sincerity and fairness is at its deepest the “reilu meininki” from the North.

After this it started happening:


– Building up a team and kicking the development off at full speed

– Partnership with Instantor for real time data for credit rating

– Partnership with Mangopay  to safeguard funds and internationalize


– The collaboration with TEKES started

– Agreement with Maiden Life for the loan protection insurance

– Beta launch in Finland


– Series A financing round, with Icecapital Securities among others joining as investors

– Launch of the simplest and clearest pricing model in the market

– Commercial launch in Finland

– Opening the pre-registration in Germany

– Preparations for internationalisation to German and Spanish market

These partnerships and milestones are the basis for building an honest, transparent and expanding credit platform.

We promise to follow as a guideline to our development the Finnish principles of “reilu meininki”, also within the international market. We promise to be a reliable partner to all our customers – the borrowers and the investors.

Welcome to join us!

* Finland’s most known film director Aki Kaurismäki created during the 80’s a documentary film about the most famous Finnish rock stars and their concert tours. In this movie was presented this sentence” In Finland we have this thing called “reilu meininki” and it kept living ever since. The phrase is reflecting the northern sincerity and fairness – now and everywhere.


Jarno Piironen


Juhani Paukkunen


Gabriela Åkers

Customer Service Responsible

Kimmo Nikkonen

Sales Director

Masnad Hossain

Senior Software Developer

Minh Nguen